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Museum Furry-Audio-Guide*

(*Best Design Award at the 'Great North Museum' Design Challenge 2016)

Design Challenge | 2016 | in collaboration with Amelia Knowlson, Laura Condon, Nikoletta Karastathi, Maritina and Celine Elliot

We wanted to bring the Natural History Collection to life using Embedded Technology to create a personalised tangible experience.

Using personalised narratives and physical objects from the museum collection, we aimed to reconnect audiences with the stories and lives that have been lost in the exhibition and display process.

Design Concept

A tangible object that users will carry with them around the exhibition. The object will react/respond to the display cases, an interactive area and with tangible objects being held by other users

This response will take different forms. For example the object may vibrate or relevant audio will play.

The aim is to create an emotional connection between the user and the object. We use a personalised visitor led narrative to help achieve this.