• sara.khnabil@gmail.com
  • Who am I?

    I am an interioractive designer and researcher.

    My work spans interaction design, interior design and physical computing. I am currently a Postdoctoral Fellow and an HCI researcher at the Creative Interactions Lab, Carleton University. I did my PhD at Open Lab, Newcastle University where my work centered around Ubiquitous Environments from the lens of Architecture and Interior Design. Driven by a vision where the future interior designs would no longer have to be static, I am investigating ways we could potentially design and build interiors that are context-aware, dynamic, changeable and `living'; responding to our implicit and intuitive interactions to meet our needs, support our well-being and improve the quality of living.

  • What I do?

    Novel interfaces that are soft, flexible and dynamic!

    My current research is about novel interfaces that are soft, flexible and dynamic, with a particular focus on building OUIs (Organic User Interfaces). I am interested in how we can embed our spaces, objects and wearables with interactivity using soft electronics, e-textiles and smart materials that are malleable, shape-changing or colour-changing. This opens the door for studying how people will perceive, interact and live with interactive environments.

    In my spare time, I enjoy acrylic and oil painting among other crafts and `making' hobbies.

  • Why I do it?

    I have a dream!

    I see the near future where technology is embedded into the fabric of everyday objects, where interiors will be designed as interactive (Interioractive) and decorative objects will no longer be static (Decoractives).